Monthly Archives: June 2006

Things You Don’t Want Your Cab Driver To Say, Volume I

I took a cab on Monday. When I buckled up, the driver buckled up, too, and said, “Thanks for buckling up. It reminded me I should buckle up, too. I’ve been in two crashes where I didn’t buckle up, and both times my head got smashed against the window, but I still don’t remember to buckle up.”

The Navy Way

If Phil Merrill is still alive–and I hope he is–I’m willing to bet he doesn’t remember me. But I remember him.

Phil was the publisher of Washingtonian Magazine. That’s where I got my first job out of college–first as an intern, and then as a Contributing Editor. Phil had a number of other business interests, and so wasn’t always around the office, but when he was, you’d know. At some point in the day, you’d hear a volcanic eruption of anger coming from his office, and if you happened to be passing by his door at the moment, you’d see Phil red-faced, shouting at somebody in person or over the phone.

Overheard last night in a restaurant…

Two British couples are sitting at the table next to mine.
One woman says to the other: “You’re pregnant? That’s fantastic! We should all go have a drink to celebrate! (PAUSE) Well, I guess you can’t, but the three of us could.”