Monthly Archives: May 2007

The Temptations of A Married Man

One of my favorite neologisms is “tivodultery,” coined earlier today, at my request, by my friend James. It describes the act of watching a TV program on your own when you normally watch it with your spouse.

The reason I needed James to come up with a word for this act is that I am being tempted to commit it.

I’m currently a week behind in Lost–I just got back from a week in Cannes. And tonight is the season finale. And my wife is in Helsinki on business and won’t be back until Friday. And we’ve watched every episode of Lost except one together.

Good-bye, Tony

A few hours ago, I watched Tony Blair announce that he’ll be ending his decade as Prime Minister on June 27. (Or “27 June,” as we like to call it here.)

Pundits seem to be zeroing in on the part of his speech dealing with the invasion of Iraq, but for me, the most striking moment was when he said six simple words: “This is the greatest nation on earth.”

In an American political speech, such a declaration is pretty much mandatory. Somewhere in the US, there may be an elected official who has never declared that America is the greatest country on the planet, but I doubt it.

Help Me Sell Books

Now that The Government Manual for New Pirates is shipping, I have a few requests for my friends. (And by “friends,” I mean “anybody who is willing to help me sell books.” If Mahmoud Ahmandinejad gives me a good review on, then by God, he counts as well.)

1. If you’ve read New PIrates and enjoyed it, write up a little review of it at its webpage on Amazon and/or the online retailer of your choice. This doesn’t have to be long or detailed–just a few sentences so that anybody browsing the page will know that other folks have read and enjoyed the book.

Ten thousand thundering typhoons!

The Government Manual for New Pirates is now shipping from Amazon, and I imagine that it will be in real-life bookstores at any moment.

In honor of this momentous occasion, Matthew and I are pleased to unveil The Official Website of the Pirate Government. Of particular utility is the Automatic Pirate Curse Generator, which will provide you with an entirely new, randomly generated curse every time you load the page.