Monthly Archives: September 2007

What I’ll Be Looking For In My Next Flat

From a Times of London article on the most expensive homes in London:

Several owners are apparently competing to build a 4-metre-deep pool – double the maximum depth so far in the capital. One home in north London even has a bespoke chute covered in a special slippery paint, which enables the owner, who loves swimming first thing in the morning, but hates the fuss of dressing, to step out of bed and slide straight into the water a couple of storeys below.

Of course, that’s just my superpowered iron body armor. I could be wrong.

When you work for somebody for six years–especially somebody with a strongly defined public persona–it’s natural that they should linger in your memory. So maybe I’m just imagining it, but…

Does anybody else think that Robert Downey, Jr’s performance in the upcoming Iron Man movie bears an uncanny resemblance to Dennis Miller? Watch the trailer and tell me if you think I’m nuts.

My God, What A Beard

I’ve recently been reading Heroes, by Lucy Hughes-Hallet. If you asked Ms. Hughes-Hallet what she most wants readers to take away from the book, I imagine she’d say “An understanding of the power and danger of hero worship.”
What I’ve taken away from the book, though, is an understanding of the power of beards. Or, actually, of one beard in particular: the beard of El Cid. Here’s what Hughes-Hallett has to say about it: