Introducing My New Website

I started this website in 2004, under the name Yankeefog.Com, to share my observations as an American living in London. As the years went by, I posted here less often. That was partly because the speed and brevity of Twitter made it much easier than blogging. But it was also because I was channeling my observations about the strangeness of London life into fiction, in the form of a novel for children called The City of Secret Rivers.

Now, after a decade of writing and rewriting, the novel is finally seeing the light of day. In the US, it’s being published by Random House Books for Young Readers as Hyacinth & The Secrets Beneath. In the UK, it’s being released by Walker Books under its original title.

With a new book — and a new focus as a children’s author — I thought it was time for a new website. will still lead you here, but I’ve got a new and less ambiguous URL: I’ve also got a new design, thanks to Websy Daisy.

Over the next few months, I’ll be sharing news and reviews here. In the meantime, look around. I hope you’ll enjoy the new

2 Responses to “Introducing My New Website”

  1. Mitch Gerber

    Jacob, it’s quite fine; I cannot find a needless modifier to complain about. But the blue box below the “Submit” link here — the box with the “XHTML: You can use these tags…” instructions — shouldn’t be there, should it?

  2. jacobw

    Hi Mitch! It’s true that the blue box does look a bit confusing and technical, but it’s there on purpose to let people know that they can put things in italics or use em dashes or use various other HTML tags.


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