Free stuff for librarians and teachers

If you’re a librarian or teacher, you can win one of 22 copies of Hyacinth and the Secrets Beneath.

Plus, Curious City has created a game based on the book, perfect for story times at libraries and bookstores. It turns out that your bookshelves are actually magical sewers in disguise, just waiting for a group of kids brave enough to face their enchanted dangers. Download the complete event kit for free at Curious City’s website.


3 Responses to “Free stuff for librarians and teachers”

  1. Mary Weyant

    This book sounds very intriguing! I am always looking for ways to make library orientation engaging! It is a blast to collaborate with teachers–I can see my using the activity in conjunction with introducing the state’s(WV) fabulous databases, which are free to all public school students and their families. Thanks so much for all the ideas (as well as the opportunity to win a free book!)!

    • jacobw

      Thanks, Mary! If you do end up using the event kit, I hope you and your students enjoy it.


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